Thursday, March 28, 2013

Waring's Reading List for Active Managers

Some time back I put up a post on the important differences between alpha and beta, especially as they relate to the difficult tasks faced by investment managers in their efforts to add value for their clients. I've often been asked to suggest readings on the topic, readings which might be helpful to those trying seriously to better organize their alpha-generating efforts.

I've published here on this site a first draft of just such a list. It is not a finished product, as there are many valuable pieces, especially those that have been written by others, that I have forgotten in the rush of setting
out a first effort. With that in mind, readers are invited, really encouraged, to send me their nominations for thoughtful articles that should be added to this list.
Waring's Active Management Reading List

I've also lectured on the topic of better management of both beta and alpha recently. Here is a set of slides for one such lecture, coming up soon:
Presentation: Past and Future of Investment Management